Essential Cce Course Bundle


The Essential CCE Course, meticulously crafted for coaching professionals, presents a unique and comprehensive learning experience that combines two pivotal aspects of effective coaching: Active Listening and Bias in Coaching. This in-depth program is designed not only to enhance essential coaching skills but also to foster a deeper understanding of the nuances and complexities involved in effective communication and inclusive practices within the coaching realm.

This bundle can be purchased any time during the year and completed in one’s own pace.

Who Is This Course Bundle Aimed At?

Coaches Seeking ICF Credential Renewal: This course is highly beneficial for coaches who need to renew their Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units for maintaining their credentials with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). It offers relevant and updated content that aligns with ICF’s standards which students are awarded accredited ICF units’ certificates after successful completion of the course.

Aspiring and New Coaches: Individuals beginning their journey in the coaching profession will find foundational knowledge and skills in this course, essential for effective coaching practice.

Experienced Coaching Professionals: Established coaches looking to deepen their skills in active listening and addressing biases will find this course enriches their existing practice.

Leaders and Managers: Business leaders, managers, and supervisors who aim to integrate coaching techniques into their management style will benefit from enhanced communication skills and understanding of biases.

Human Resources Professionals: Those in HR roles, involved in coaching, training, and development, can apply the insights from this course to improve workplace communication and inclusivity.


Extra coaching resources for you: Get access to more than 50 downloadable coaching tools, absolutely free, when you enroll in this course. These tools cover various areas such as self-love, career and executive coaching, life coaching, time management, productivity, self-discovery, goal setting, and client coaching.

  • Self-love toolkits
  • Career toolkits
  • Executive coaching toolkit
  • Life coaching tool kits
  • Time management tool kits
  • Productivity toolkits
  • Self-discovery toolkits
  • Goalsetting toolkits
  • Client coaching tool kits

A downloadable link will be added to the learning management platform with the toolkits once the course has been purchased.


What is the Essentials ICF Course Bundle and what does it include?

The Essentials ICF Course Bundle is a comprehensive collection of courses tailored for coaching professionals. It includes modules on Active Listening, Bias in Coaching, and other essential coaching skills. Each course is designed to enhance specific areas of coaching expertise, aligning with the standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The bundle is worth a total of 20 CCE units.

Who should enroll in the Essentials ICF Course Bundle?

This bundle is ideal for a range of professionals including ICF-certified coaches seeking to renew their credentials, aspiring and new coaches, experienced coaches aiming for further specialization, HR professionals, leaders, and managers, as well as individuals interested in personal development and effective communication skills.

How can the Essentials ICF Course Bundle assist in renewing ICF credentials?

For coaches looking to renew their ICF credentials, this bundle provides the necessary Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units required by the ICF. It covers various aspects of coaching that are essential for maintaining the high standards set by the ICF.

What are the benefits of completing the Essentials ICF Course Bundle?

Completing this bundle not only helps in fulfilling professional development requirements but also enhances coaching skills, deepens understanding of biases in coaching, improves active listening abilities, and equips coaches with advanced techniques and knowledge for effective coaching.

Is the content of the Essentials ICF Course Bundle applicable to various coaching contexts?

Yes, the courses in the bundle are designed to be broadly applicable, covering fundamental and advanced coaching concepts that are relevant in diverse coaching scenarios, including individual, group, and corporate settings. The skills and knowledge gained can be applied across various coaching niches and client demographics.

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Benefits that will enhance your coaching abilities and overall professional growth

Active Listening Component: This part of the course is tailored to improve active listening skills, a crucial aspect of effective communication in both personal and professional settings, including coaching relationships. Participants will learn and practice core principles such as maintaining eye contact, providing nonverbal cues, paraphrasing, summarizing, and asking clarifying questions. The course delves into developing these listening skills, overcoming barriers to effective listening, and cultivating empathy and understanding. It specifically targets the use of active listening in coaching contexts to create supportive environments and facilitate meaningful growth and change in clients.

Bias in Coaching Module: This segment addresses the concept of bias, its implications in coaching, and how to create a more inclusive and equitable practice. Participants will engage with theoretical concepts, self-reflection exercises, and practical strategies to recognize and address their own biases. This course emphasizes the importance of cultural competence and ethical considerations in coaching, aiming to develop self-awareness among coaches, minimize biases, and foster a supportive environment for clients from diverse backgrounds. The goal is to enhance professional competence, improve client outcomes, and promote an inclusive coaching approach that values and respects individual differences.

By integrating these two critical areas, the Essential CCE Course equips coaches with the skills and knowledge necessary to improve their coaching effectiveness, enhance their professional development, and positively impact their coaching relationships. This bundled course totals 20 CCE ICF course units.

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Essential CCE Course Bundle


Essential CCE Course Bundle



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