The Comprehensive CCE Course Bundle is a meticulously designed program that combines various aspects of coaching into a single, integrated learning experience. This bundle includes courses on Active Listening, Bias in Coaching, Coaching the Leader, Contracting for Coaching, and Life and Work Balance, each tailored to enhance specific skills and knowledge in the coaching profession.

This bundle is worth 40 CCE units and can be completed at your own pace.

Who Is This Course Bundle Aimed At?

Coaches Aiming for ICF Credential Renewal: Since the bundle covers CCE units, it’s ideal for ICF-certified coaches needing to fulfill their continuing education requirements for credential renewal.

New and Aspiring Coaches: For those just beginning their coaching journey, this bundle provides foundational skills and a broad understanding of various aspects of coaching.

Experienced Coaches Seeking Specialization: Seasoned coaches looking to specialize in areas such as leadership coaching, work-life balance, or understanding biases will find these courses immensely valuable.

Professionals in Related Fields: Individuals in careers like counseling, mentoring, human resources, or organizational development who want to integrate coaching skills into their work will benefit from this comprehensive training.

Leaders and Managers: Those in leadership or managerial roles who wish to develop coaching skills to enhance their leadership style and foster a more supportive and effective team environment.

Personal Development Enthusiasts: Anyone interested in personal growth, improving communication skills, and understanding the dynamics of effective listening and relationship-building can gain from this course.


Extra coaching resources for you: Get access to more than 50 downloadable coaching tools, absolutely free, when you enroll in this course. These tools cover various areas such as self-love, career and executive coaching, life coaching, time management, productivity, self-discovery, goal setting, and client coaching.

  • Self-love toolkits
  • Career toolkits
  • Executive coaching toolkit
  • Life coaching tool kits
  • Time management tool kits
  • Productivity toolkits
  • Self-discovery toolkits
  • Goalsetting toolkits
  • Client coaching tool kits

A downloadable link will be added to the learning management platform with the toolkits once the course has been purchased.


What is the Comprehensive CCE Course Bundle and what does it include?

The Comprehensive CCE Course Bundle is a program that integrates various coaching aspects into one learning experience. It includes courses on Active Listening, Bias in Coaching, Coaching the Leader, Contracting for Coaching, and Life and Work Balance. Each course is designed to enhance specific skills and knowledge essential in the coaching profession.


Who should enroll in the Comprehensive CCE Course Bundle?

This bundle is suitable for a wide range of individuals including ICF-certified coaches seeking credential renewal, new and aspiring coaches, experienced coaches looking for specialization, professionals in related fields, leaders and managers, and anyone interested in personal development and coaching skills.


How does the Comprehensive CCE Course Bundle benefit those seeking ICF Credential Renewal?

The bundle provides the required Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units for ICF-certified coaches, making it ideal for those looking to fulfill their continuing education requirements for credential renewal.

Can new coaches or those seeking to enter the coaching profession benefit from this course bundle?

Absolutely. For new and aspiring coaches, this bundle offers foundational skills and a comprehensive understanding of various coaching methodologies, making it an excellent starting point for their coaching journey.

Are the courses in the Comprehensive CCE Course Bundle relevant for professionals outside of the traditional coaching field?

Yes, the bundle is also beneficial for individuals in related fields such as counseling, mentoring, human resources, or organizational development. It’s equally valuable for leaders and managers who wish to incorporate coaching skills into their leadership style.

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Benefits that will enhance your coaching abilities and overall professional growth

Active Listening Course: This segment focuses on enhancing your active listening skills, crucial for effective coaching. You’ll learn core principles like maintaining eye contact, providing nonverbal cues, and asking clarifying questions. The course emphasizes the application of active listening in coaching relationships to create supportive environments and facilitate growth and change.

Bias in Coaching Course: Here, we delve into understanding and addressing biases within the coaching context. The course offers theoretical knowledge, self-reflection exercises, and practical strategies to recognize personal biases, fostering a more inclusive and equitable coaching practice. It emphasizes cultural competence and ethical considerations, aiming to minimize bias and promote respect and celebration of individual differences.

Coaching the Leader Course: Tailored for coaching individuals in leadership roles, this course imparts insights into leadership development, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. You’ll acquire skills for goal setting, action planning, and navigating leaders through challenges, enhancing your ability to support leaders in maximizing their potential.

Contracting for Coaching Program: This comprehensive segment equips you with the essentials of establishing effective coaching contracts, covering goal setting, roles, confidentiality, and session logistics. It focuses on ethical considerations and communication strategies, vital for building trust and a successful coaching engagement.

Life and Work Balance Coaching Course: This course is designed to help individuals achieve balance between personal and professional life. It covers time and energy management, boundary setting, stress management, and well-being practices. You’ll learn to guide clients in aligning their choices with core values and managing career transitions.

The Comprehensive CCE Course Bundle from Think Coaching Academy offers a holistic approach to coaching ICF CCE education. By completing this bundle, you enhance your coaching competence across various domains, equipping you with the skills to support diverse client needs and advance your coaching career. With this unique course bundle you will be awarded 40 CCE Credits they will be in the form of individual courses which make up this bundle.

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Comprehensive CCE Course Bundle


Comprehensive CCE Course Bundle



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