Elevate your professional journey with Think Coaching Academy’s ICF CCE-accredited coaching courses. As a recognized provider by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), we offer a unique opportunity for coaching professionals to experience the excellence in coaching standards through our flexible online continuing education programs. These courses are specially designed to provide Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Units, ensuring that our students not only gain invaluable knowledge but also tangible recognition for their professional development.

Our programs stand out for their accessibility and convenience. Available year-round, they cater to the busy schedules of professionals, allowing you to engage in learning at your own pace and on your own time. This flexibility ensures that you can integrate your professional development seamlessly into your existing commitments. Whether you’re looking to deepen your coaching expertise or expand your skill set, our courses are structured to meet your needs.

Upon completing our CCE program, you will earn CCE Units that are vital for the renewal of your ICF credentials. This integration of our program with ICF’s credentialing process exemplifies our commitment to upholding and advancing high standards in the coaching field. By choosing Think Coaching Academy, you’re not just choosing a course; you’re embracing an opportunity to enhance your coaching career, equipped with the highest standards of the coaching profession, all within a flexible and supportive online learning environment.

How to Acquire Your CCE Units with Think Coaching Academy.

To be eligible for a certificate that confirms the completion of your course and the number of CCE Units earned, you must complete all lessons and pass a multiple-choice and short questions assessment.

Renewing Your ICF Credentials with CCE Courses

As an ICF-certified coach, it’s essential to stay updated on the credential renewal process that occurs every three years. Maintaining your ICF coaching credentials requires timely renewal, and ICF CCE courses are often the go-to choose for this purpose. To renew your credentials, you need to complete 40 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE) within a three-year cycle.

ICF CCE Requirements:

A significant portion of your CCE hours, at least 24 hours, should focus on training that enhances core coaching competencies.

Additionally, you’re required to complete a minimum of 3 hours in coaching ethics training. This can be fulfilled through various means, including ICF’s free online ethics course.

Think Coaching Academy CCE Courses

CourseCore Competencies UnitsResource Development UnitsTotal CCE Units
Comprehensive Coaching CCE course Bundle Development34.512.547
Essential CCE Course Bundle17320
Active Listening professional Development course9110
Contracting for Coaching Professional development course8210
Bia’s Deconstructed Professional Development Course8210
Coaching the leader Processional Development course448
Life and work balance professional5.53.59


What is Continuing Coach Education (CCE) and who is it for?

CCE is designed for education organizations and institutions seeking accreditation by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). It’s ideal for those looking to gain new knowledge, professional development, or renew their ICF Credential.

What are the types of CCE units and what do they include?

CCE units are categorized into Core Competencies, which relate to or expand upon ICF Core Competencies, and Resource Development, which includes education in skills contributing to a coach’s professional development, like personal development, coaching tools, or business building.

How can I earn CCE units with Think Coaching Academy?

By completing all lessons and passing a multiple-choice test in Think Coaching Academy’s ICF CCE-accredited courses, you can earn CCE units and receive a certificate confirming your course completion and the number of CCE units earned.

What makes Think Coaching Academy's CCE programs unique?

Think Coaching Academy offers flexible online continuing education programs, available year-round, which can be taken at your own pace and time. This flexibility allows for easy integration into your busy schedule.

How do CCE units from Think Coaching Academy benefit my coaching career?

Earning CCE units through our program not only enhances your coaching knowledge and skills but also is essential for renewing your ICF credentials, thus maintaining high coaching standards and advancing your coaching career.

Are the CCE programs at Think Coaching Academy suitable for all coaching professionals?

Yes, our courses are designed to cater to various needs, whether you’re looking to deepen your coaching expertise or expand your skill set. The programs are structured to accommodate both new and experienced coaching professionals.

Top Selling Accredited Professional Development Coaching Courses

Think Coaching Academy offers a wide range of professional development courses designed to empower coaches and individuals seeking personal and professional growth. These courses provide valuable insights, practical skills, and in-depth knowledge across various coaching disciplines and related areas.

From coaching principles to specialized techniques and strategies, our courses cover diverse topics to meet the unique needs and interests of our learners. With a focus on theoretical knowledge, practical applications, exercises, and real-world examples, our professional development courses provide valuable skills and expertise that coaches can apply in their coaching practice.

At Think Coaching Academy, we are committed to providing comprehensive training that equips coaches with the tools and knowledge to make a positive impact on their clients’ lives and contribute to the growth and advancement of the coaching profession.

Essential Cce Course Bundle

The Essential CCE Course, meticulously crafted for coaching professionals, presents a unique and comprehensive learning experience that combines two pivotal aspects of effective coaching: Active Listening and Bias in Coaching. This in-depth program is designed not only to enhance essential coaching skills but also to foster a deeper understanding of the nuances and complexities involved in effective communication and inclusive practices within the coaching realm.


The Comprehensive CCE Course Bundle is a meticulously designed program that combines various aspects of coaching into a single, integrated learning experience. This bundle includes courses on Active Listening, Bias in Coaching, Coaching the Leader, Contracting for Coaching, and Life and Work Balance, each tailored to enhance specific skills and knowledge in the coaching profession.

Active Listening professional development course

The Active Listening professional development course equips coaches with essential skills for attentive listening, empathetic understanding, and effective communication in coaching sessions, enhancing client engagement and fostering deeper connections for impactful coaching outcomes.

Bias deconstructed professional development course

The Bias Deconstructed professional development course addresses biases in coaching, helping coaches recognize and manage unconscious biases, cultural biases, and gender biases. Coaches gain insights and tools to foster inclusive coaching practices and create a safe and unbiased space for clients’ growth and development.

Coaching the leader professional development course

The Coaching the Leader professional development course equips coaches with strategies to enhance leadership skills, support personal growth, and foster effective leadership qualities. Coaches gain insights to empower leaders in achieving their full potential and driving positive change in their organizations.

Contracting for coaching

The Contracting for Coaching course focuses on establishing effective coaching agreements, defining expectations, and clarifying roles and responsibilities, enabling coaches to create a strong foundation for successful coaching engagements.

Life and work balance professional development course

The Life and Work Balance professional development course provides coaches with strategies and tools to support individuals in achieving a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives. Coaches learn techniques for time management, prioritization, stress reduction, and self-care, helping clients thrive in all aspects of life.


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What are professional development coaching courses?

Professional development coaching courses are specialized training programs designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, and expertise of coaches. These courses offer in-depth learning opportunities to expand coaching capabilities, acquire new techniques, and gain insights into various coaching disciplines and related areas.

Why should I consider professional development coaching courses?

Professional development coaching courses provide valuable opportunities for coaches to stay updated with the latest industry trends, best practices, and research. They allow coaches to broaden their skill set, deepen their expertise in specific areas, and provide enhanced support to their clients. Engaging in continuous professional development helps coaches maintain professional standards, grow their professional network, and stay competitive in the coaching field.

What topics are covered in professional development coaching courses?

The professional development courses offered at Think Coaching Academy cover a range of essential topics in coaching practice. The “Contracting for Coaching” course focuses on establishing effective coaching agreements and defining clear expectations. The “Active Listening” course explores techniques for attentive listening and understanding in coaching sessions. In the “Coaching the Leader” course, coaches learn strategies to enhance leadership skills and support leaders in their personal and professional growth. The “Bias Deconstructed” course addresses biases and their impact on coaching relationships. Lastly, the “Life and Work Balance” course provides tools and techniques to help individuals achieve a healthy balance between personal and professional life. These courses offer valuable insights and practical skills to enhance coaching effectiveness and support clients in reaching their full potential.

Who can benefit from professional development coaching courses?

Professional development coaching courses are beneficial for both experienced coaches and individuals looking to enter the coaching profession. Coaches can expand their expertise, refine their coaching techniques, and gain new perspectives. Professionals in leadership, human resources, or related fields can also benefit from these courses to enhance their coaching skills and integrate coaching principles into their work.

How long do professional development coaching courses usually last?

By offering self-paced options, professional development coaching courses ensure that individuals have the freedom to learn and engage with the course material at their own time and pace. This flexibility allows participants to tailor their learning experience to best suit their individual needs, making professional development accessible to a wide range of individuals, regardless of their existing commitments.

Are professional development coaching courses accredited or certified?

Yes, professional development coaching courses often go through a process of accreditation or endorsement, making them relevant and recognized within the coaching industry. Accreditation and endorsement ensure that the courses meet specific standards of quality and align with the best practices in coaching.

How do professional development coaching courses contribute to my coaching practice?

Professional development coaching courses contribute to your coaching practice by expanding your knowledge, refining your skills, and enhancing your ability to support clients effectively. These courses provide you with valuable tools, techniques, and insights that can be applied in various coaching scenarios, enabling you to deliver greater value to your clients and achieve better outcomes in your coaching engagements.